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Cold exposure is available to everyone and can make you as resilient as the toughest people. 

What is being tough?

Being tough in my opinion is going forward while your thinking tells you to turn around, “not today” or any other excuse. Being tough is also respecting your body and sometimes you have to say no to protect yourself. But pushing boundaries, there is a fine line only you know the difference between excuses and protecting yours

How does the cold make you more resilient?

Immersed in the cold water, your body is exposed to cold. It doesnt want to be there, so you have a chance to observe all your thoughts trying to get you out. You learn to leave them for what they are without acting on them. You find the power to stay in longer then before.

Dealing with stress

In the cold water, you expose yourself to stress. Learn to guide your body’s reaction to stress by staying mindful and keep your attention on your breath. It sounds crazy, but you learn to relax yourself under stress. 

Gives you confidence

Being able to stay in longer then before, and noticing your body and mind adapting is a great feeling. It leaves me feeling energetic and confident the rest of the day.

Appreciate comfort

You really know warmth, when you really know cold. A warm shower never felt so good.


There are loads of scientifically proven benefits to cold exposure, and one of the best sources of information in this is found in the Huberman podcast. https://youtu.be/pq6WHJzOkno
If you want to toughen up, learn to relax under stress, get to know your inner chatter when shits gets hard. Expose yourself to the cold